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Dental Fillings

Restore Decayed Teeth In East Naples

If you have a tooth that’s feeling sensitive or is causing you pain in East Naples, you may have a cavity. If you don’t get treatment right away, your condition could cause further complications, costing you time and money. Schedule an appointment at Altamar Dental Studio today to get the help you need and avoid bigger oral health issues!

White dental fillings

Prevent Further Decay & Complications

We use tooth-colored fillings to provide you with the best cosmetic results
Early intervention can stop tooth decay and prevent infection, which requires additional treatments like root canals and dental crowns
Getting a filling lets you avoid further pain and discomfort, and allows you to get back to your day-to-day life
We offer sedation for all of our patients to help you remain calm and comfortable throughout the filling process

How Can I Tell If I Need a Dental Filling?

What Can I Expect From The Filling Placement Process?

Getting a filling takes only a single appointment at our office. First, Dr. Marquez will clean your teeth and numb the treatment area. You can also be sedated if you feel it will make you more comfortable, though this isn’t necessary. Dr. Marquez will then use specialized tools to remove decayed and damaged enamel from your teeth. 

Once your tooth has been prepared, she will clean the area and place layers of composite filling material into the cavity. Once the cavity has been filled with the composite material, she will shape and trim the filling until it’s smooth and integrates perfectly with your existing tooth structure. Your filling will be polished and your bite will be checked to ensure that the filling fits perfectly with the rest of your teeth. Minor adjustments may be made, if necessary.

Do I Need To Have My Old Fillings Replaced?

In most cases, fillings do not need to be replaced unless they have failed or are showing signs that they may fail. Older metal-amalgam fillings may pull away from the teeth over time, causing a higher risk of decay. In addition, it is often a good idea to replace very large fillings with dental crowns as they get older and begin to weaken. If you think that your old filling may need to be removed and replaced, get in touch with Dr. Shirley Marquez. She will assess your filling to determine if it can be left in place, or if it needs to be replaced with a new one.

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